About International Living

Thirty years ago, a little newsletter sparked a big idea… You can live better, for less, overseas

When International Living suggested in that first newsletter that an exotic life in a tropical paradise wasn’t just for the rich and famous…that you can do it now for less money than you currently live on…it was a radical idea. In many ways, it still is.

Not because it’s difficult (it isn’t), or requires lots of money (it doesn’t), or hasn’t been done before (it has, thousands of times). The idea of living a happier, more fulfilling, more prosperous life offshore still strikes many people as a radical idea simply because they don’t have the whole story.

At International Living, we know from experience that there are a host of places around the world that are cheaperhealthiersaferfreer… than you ever thought possible.

Our job is to help you discover those places, and then to help you take advantage of the opportunities they offer—opportunities to improve your quality of life…to lower your cost of living…to invest for profitable return—before the rest of the world catches on.

In our pages (both print and virtual), you’ll find out about everything from adventures in Panama to the best buys on the Paris property market…from how to open a bank account in your new country of residence to how to get the best deal on your next airfare…from the world’s best beachfront property bargains to the most reliable local contractors to help you build your new beach home…from island-hopping adventures in the Mediterranean to the best summer fiestas in Mexico.

We’re continually on the move in search of Paradise, and after three decades, we’ve built quite a support network. International Living has more than 200 contributors, correspondents, friends, and colleagues exploring the world on your behalf. Thanks to the Internet, we’re able to keep in touch with all of them regularly, even daily.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this pool of offshore expertise and stay in touch with all that’s going on in the world of International Living is to read our daily e-letter, IL Postcards, which you’ll receive when you subscribe.

At last count, we had more than 420,000 readers enjoying these daily dispatches from around the globe, investigating the best opportunities for real estate, travel, retirement, and investment. These electronic reports are an important part of our International Living service.

We have lots of locations and opportunities on our radar screen, and part of our service to International Living readers includes conferences, seminars, and workshops in the places we believe make the best sense for expats looking beyond their own shores.

You’ll find nothing like them anywhere else. At these events, you’ll be introduced to real estate agents who can tell you about the local market and take you to see properties currently for sale; expats already living in the country, who can tell you why they decided to make the move and what they like (and don’t like) about their adopted homelands; bankers; economists; attorneys; businessmen… In short, you’ll make all the contacts you’ll need if you decide to take the next step.

Welcome to the world as seen from a slightly more exciting, adventurous, and contrarian perspective… the world of International Living. It’s a big world, full of opportunity for fun and for profit. We’re standing by, ready to help any way we can to make your international living dreams come true.