August 2012

August 2012

IL MAGAZINE – Europe on Sale, Panama New Visa and London Houseboats

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Highlights include…

Bargain Hunt Spain – It’s a place where food and wine are serious endeavors. Where everything from shady city parks to your lunchtime coffee is designed to be savored…and where right now property prices are tumbling.

In your issue this month I report on my mission to Spain. I covered over 800 miles following the historic route of the Camino pilgrimage. I walked (and drank) in the footsteps of Hemingway, and explored off-the-beaten track in wine country, where in medieval walled-towns you’ll find apartments for less than $90,000.

Spain’s economy is in crisis, but the lifestyle is as appealing as ever and the country is one of Europe’s most affordable havens (a couple can live on $1,600 a month). Now is the time to check out your options.

Greek Crisis – Elsewhere in Europe – and in your issue – Ronan McMahon reveals when the best time will be to act on Greek real estate. The country is in financial meltdown but its islands are still stunning:

“Gleaming white churches with domed, azure roofs, turquoise ocean, diving, fishing, yachting…who knows what the future will look like. But I’m pretty sure that the Greek Islands will still be among the most beautiful places on earth, and you could pick up a cottage for less than the price of a family sedan,” writes Ronan. Here’s how.

Panama’s New Visa – The world’s second best retirement haven (topped only by Ecuador in International Living’s Annual Retirement Index 2012), Panama has always been friendly and open to expats.

Well, the recent news of a new “Immediate Permanent Resident Visa” means it just got even more so. This aims to do exactly what it says, giving you immediate residency if you qualify, and it applies to people from 22 countries, including the United States and Canada. Get the full details right here.

Affordable Provence – IL Euro Editor, Steenie Harvey, is back from France and she’s uncovered some great real estate deals.

“Sun-drenched hills, starry nights, and the scent of sea-salted rosemary and thyme…I love Provence,” she says. “Yet, whether the attraction is traditional villages or the Riviera’s balmy climate, Provençal living is usually perceived as only for the seriously wealthy.”
Think again.

“In one riverbank village with a Crusader castle, a refurbished house of 85 square meters (915 square feet) is $178,000. With story-book, mountain views from its garden, a pastel-colored heartbreaker of a traditional Provençal house is $267,000. Monthly rentals in many locations cost under $760. And a couple can have a three-course meal with wine and still get change from $38. Read Steenie’s full article.

“The People are Spectacular!” – From the first moment that Marilyn Cullen heard the strains of traditional Irish music in County Clare, she knew she had found her retirement destination. “The music, the creativity, and the arts here are a magnet for expats from all over the world,” says the 65-year-old Californian.

But it wasn’t just the region’s rich musical heritage that attracted Marilyn. “The people are spectacular! There’s something about their friendliness and openness; they would give you the shirt off their back,” she says.

County Clare, on Ireland’s west coast, couldn’t be farther from Marilyn’s old life in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Find out how she did it.

Live on a Boat – Like “Ratty” in Wind in the Willows I’ve always been a believer that there is nothing better than messing about in boats…on rivers, lakes, oceans…

In fact, I like them so much I recently explored the houseboat scene in London, where you can buy your very own live-aboard barge for less than $150,000. If you like the idea of waking to the lap of water, with the freedom to cut loose and float away, read all about it!

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