How to Get the Best Deal on Every Airfare You Buy

Let’s face it: the good old days, when you relaxed in your local travel agency reading a magazine while your agent scoured his or her resources for the best deals available, are all but gone. For the most part, today’s travelers are left to their own devices, and the number of online resources at your disposal can be overwhelming. The Internet is a great source of information, but unless you have a way to systematically work through the vast hinterland of travel sites, you could spend many long hours searching and still not find the best deal.

On any given flight the passengers in the same section of the plane have paid a wide range of airfares, with some tickets costing as much as twice the price of others. Why? Well, it can depend on a lot of variables, such as where you bought your ticket, how far in advance you booked, and how you planned your route. In the end, the price that you’ve paid for your seat has little to do with how many miles you are flying.

There was a time in the very recent past when an understanding of the tariffs and the industry’s pricing practices were key to getting the best deal on airfares. Not any more. Your ability to compare fares side-by-side online makes much of this information academic. Today we have more information on travel at our fingertips than we could have dreamed of just a few years ago, and this “transparency” with respect to airfares has put you, the traveler, in a better position than ever before.

But finding the best travel deal is an ever-moving target. Many of the methods we used only two years ago just don’t work anymore. In fact, some of those formerly-reliable “old” ways now consistently get us higher prices rather than lower and in today’s climate of rising fuel prices and a struggling tourist industry, bargains can be hard to come by.

At International Living, we get plenty of practice at finding the best travel deals…and a significant part of this report is based on the experiences of International Living‘s writers and staff.

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