Dan Prescher

Dan Prescher is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. He earned a degree in Journalism at the University of Nebraska and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Dan worked as a copywriter for many years in educational fundraising and electronic fund transfer systems marketing until he met his wife, Suzan Haskins, with whom he ran a successful multi-media marketing business in Omaha until 2001. That’s when Suzan suggested selling the house, cars, and furniture and moving to Ecuador to take a job with International Living. It was a decision that has occasionally made them (and their friends and family) wonder about their sanity, but one that they have never regretted. Since then, Dan and Suzan have lived and worked in Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, and three locations in Mexico for International Living. Dan currently lives in Merida, the capital of Mexico’s state of Yucatan, where he and Suzan have just renovated a colonial-style home and are now looking for good venues for Dan’s band, The Yucatones.

Dan regularly travels throughout Latin America and updates International Living’s readers with his latest finds.

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