February 2013

February 2013

February Issue 2013

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Highlights include…

Panama’s Best Havens – For a country the size of South Carolina, Panama packs a lot of opportunity: sunny beach towns, verdant mountain hamlets and bustling cities. It has the world’s best package of retirement benefits, the Pensionado program, the infrastructure is modern, there are great hospitals and it’s a center for international banking…but you can still live here for less than $1,000 a month including rent. There are dozens of up-and-coming locales for the adventurous to explore. And then there are the three enticing enclaves you need to know about if you’re contemplating a move here.

The New West – Steve Watkins and his wife Dana were determined to discover whether Ecuador really was the land of opportunity they had read so much about. “We were looking for a place that was close to the beach, where we could quietly immerse ourselves in the culture,” says Steve. “Somewhere suited to an entrepreneurial spirit. “When we saw Puerto Cayo, we knew we had found something special. We bought a half-acre lot high atop a hill with a spectacular view of the Pacific. And the emerging economy here makes it the perfect place to offer expertise to developing businesses.” Read the full story of how Steve and Dana made a new life on Ecuador’s coast.

Exploring Peru – 300 days of sunshine a year, gleaming white colonial buildings, a snow-capped volcano view…the city of Arequipa in southern Peru may not be home to many expats yet, but it’s Peru’s third most popular tourist city for a reason. This month IL Editor, Glynna Prentice reveals why. “If you visit this region, this town should be on your list. And if you’re an adventurous expat seeking an off-the-radar destination, this is worth considering,” writes Glynna. Glynna’s mission to Peru also took in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco. “From its cobblestoned alleyways to its massive yet graceful Plaza de Armas, Cusco is unmistakably a royal city, and its sheer beauty is a little dizzying… It’s also a fun city, lively and engaged. Bring a camera—you’ll use it a lot—and a good appetite. Peru’s cuisine is gaining kudos in the foodie world,” writes Glynna. Read on here.

Work Less in Panama City – “You have to be rich to have a maid in the States, but not here,” says Jesse Schoberg, who along with his wife Laura, started a new life in Panama City in 2008. As owners of a web development company, the couple realized that they could work from anywhere in the world with just a phone and Internet connection. Now they say they work 30% less than they did back in Wisconsin. Plus, by earning in the U.S. but spending in Panama they’ve increased their relative income, too.

“Doing business from Panama makes enjoying life easy,” says Jesse. Find out exactly how. And that’s not all…Also in your February issue of International Living:

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