Health Care Overseas

Looking For Affordable,
Better Quality Health Care?

You can find plenty of it overseas…

Moving overseas has many advantages…great weather, lower cost of living, and improved quality of life. But if these don’t quite convince you that packing up and starting a new life in your dream retirement destination is worth it… try this (and it may be the most compelling reason of all): affordable, quality health care. If you think “affordable, quality health care” is an oxymoron, read on.

Nearly 46 million U.S. citizens—just over 15% of the population—are without health insurance. That’s according to data compiled in 2007, so the number must be higher now, two years later and in the midst of an economic slump in the U.S. Adding insult to injury, the average annual cost for a family health insurance policy in the U.S. is about $11,000. And how much does the average family spend on medical care and services each year? About $13,000, says the Kaiser foundation, an organization that tracks health care expenditures. Imagine how much the average 50 or 60-year-old spends…

For those of us who are getting older and starting to think about the very real possibility that we’ll be facing some sort of major medical issues in the coming years, none of this is good news. Not only is the cost of insurance sky high, but so is the cost of medical care in the U.S. So, it should come as no surprise that many of us are finding options in other countries like Mexico…or Panama…or Ecuador.

Accessibility to proper health care is of course essential if you are going to make a move overseas. No one wants to be stuck far from home without proper medical care. If you already have pre-existing conditions then health care may be high on your list of priorities when looking at possible dream destinations.

So where can you get good quality, inexpensive health care?

To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a report which looks at the five best health care systems in our favorite retirement destinations around the world. We’ll look at their benefits, the facilities they offer, and the standard of training of the health care professionals and available health insurance.

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