January 2013

January 2013

January 2013

IL MAGAZINE – The Best Retirement Havens in the World

Your January 2013 issue is now online.

In your latest issue of International Living magazine we reveal the world’s best retirement havens. Each destination has something to offer you, and every one of them has something increasingly hard to find at home: a good quality of life for a reasonable price.

Across eight crucial categories, using hundreds of criteria, we weigh up what matters most…the cost of living, the price and quality of real estate and health care…how easy it is to make friends, which country has the best climate, and who offers the most attractive retiree benefits…

They are all desirable places…but there’s only one winner in our Annual Global Retirement Index 2013.

Residence in Ecuador – “There are 19 different immigrant visa categories in Ecuador, but really only three ways you’ll want to get residence,” writes ILCuenca Correspondent in your issue this month. So what are they? Edd reveals all and explains the requirements and how to go about applying here.

If you’re interested in Ecuador pay attention to what IL Real Estate Expert, Ronan McMahon, has to say about property prices on the country’s Pacific coast in this month’s Market Watch article: “Now might be the best time to get in. The infrastructure is there…and a 960-square-foot, sea-view condo, in a community perched around a sandy cove, is yours for just $89,000.”

But time is running out…and prices will rise. Get the full story.

Classic Europe – “Shimmering there in the heat is Florence. It thrills us that beneath the haze lies a throve of Renaissance treasures,” writes ILCorrespondent, Barbara Diggs. “In just 20 minutes we can be down there, wandering the city’s delicious tangle of cobblestone streets. But truth be told, we usually stay on the hillside. There’ssomething about Italy that compels us to distill life to its barest essence: good food, fresh air, and pleasurable company.”

That something is la dolce far niente, “the sweetness of doing nothing.” Barbara explains how you can enjoy it, too, here.

Someone else enjoying Europe is North Carolina native, Donna Morris, who funds her life in Paris as a professional “best friend,” helping out folks new to the city with specialized guided tours and tips. “For the first time in my life I’m doing something I am good at and really enjoy…and I get to live in the City of Light!” Donna explains how it’s done here.

FATCA and You – U.S. tax laws are changing even as they’re being implemented – and if you’re confused, you aren’t alone. There’s a lot of false information making the rounds about the HIRE Act and FATCA – the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Tax expert Nick Hodges has been keeping a close eye on developments. And in your issue this month Nick explains what FATCA means for your foreign bank accounts. Read on

Thailand’s Haven – “I can understand why people are moving here. You’ll find innovative restaurants, smart bars, high-end spas and golf resorts…plus a good quality of life that costs one-third or less of that back home,” writes ILAsia Correspondent, Keith Hockton.

Chiang Mai is nestled among Thailand’s highest mountains, and enjoys blissfully cool months from October straight through to January. Its night bazaar Is frenetic, the food is astonishing, and the people are friendly…find out more.

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Eoin Bassett
Managing Editor,
International Living