March 2013

March 2013


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Highlights from your latest magazine include:

Pleasures of an “Endless Summer” – Michael J. Fitzgerald and Sylvia Fox are just two of the many expats enjoying the best of life in two places. “In our part of Mexico, there is a cadre of people who migrate annually, enjoying the warm months in the north, and the warm winter months in Mexico,” says Michael.Highlights from your latest magazine include:

Farther south, Barry and Claudia Leon swap the hottest months in Texas for the staggeringly beautiful views and mountain climate of Atenas, Costa Rica. “This way we have wonderful weather year round and by renting out our home we earn extra income,” says Barry.

And elsewhere in your latest issue…“Winter in the U.S. is the height of beach season in New Zealand, and Kiwis make the barefoot most of it,” writes Steenie Harvey in this article on the country’s part-time pleasures.

How to Try Out Life in Asia – When it comes to Asia, renting is easy, affordable, and some-times the only way to live in a country. Plus, if you want to move on and try out a new place, you just pack up and hit the road. This month, IL Asia Correspondent, Keith Hockton, gives the low down on the three best places to try out, and the five tips you need to know before renting there…read the full story.

Nicaragua: The New Revolution – Something is happening in Nicaragua, that’s why we sent IL Editor, Jason Holland to explore. From the country’s cobbled colonial towns to the hidden coves and sandy beaches of the Pacific coast, here’s what he discovered.

And Jason’s not the only International Living writer scouting out opportunities there. Real Estate Expert, Ronan McMahon, has never seen Nicaragua’s colonial city of Granada look better. Yet, prices on old colonial homes are still negotiable, and you can find killer deals for as little as $50,000. Ronan has the details here.

A Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Paris – Paris is a heady experience but deciding where to focus your search—and your dollars—can be a challenge. That’s why IL France Correspondent, Barbara Diggs has put together her very own insider’s guide detailing where to go and what to buy. Read on here.

Also in your March issue of International Living magazine:

An Irish Pub “Lock In”

What FATCA Means for Owning Foreign Property

Simple and Slower-Paced: My Second Life in Brazil

How We Found Our Paradise in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Sintra: Portugal’s “Glorious Eden”

Protect Your Retirement with Oils, Phones and Kroner

And much, much more….


Eoin Bassett
Managing Editor,
International Living