November 2012

November 2012

NovemberIL MAGAZINE – Jobs in Paradise, Panama from $75,000 and Secret France

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Opportunities in Paradise – “ “In the U.S., you cannot do what I have done here in Ecuador…you’d have too much debt to worry about,” says Kevin Sheehy, who bank-rolled his first venture in the cool-weather capital of Quito – a Vietnamese restaurant – with just $14,000.

One business opportunity led to another, and today his success overseas means that Kevin enjoys the flexibility to live in a place he loves and spend four months every year traveling.

And he’s just one of many happy expats who’ve found success overseas… Folks like Kat and Bruce Bennett, who opened an English-language bookshop close to the ocean in La Paz, Mexico. Or Josh and Courtney Wilson who fell in love with lakeside San Marcos, Guatemala, and established a school.

In your issue this month we’ve collected stories from U.S. and Canadian expats  who successfully fund “the good life” through ventures they discovered – or created – overseas…read their stories now.

Sometimes referred to as the “next Boquete” Santa Fe is but a fraction of Boquete’s size.Highland Panama
 – It wasn’t so long ago that foreigners were a rare species in the cool highland town of Santa Fe, in Veraguas, Panama. But IL Editor, Suzan Haskins, reports that there’s been a slow creep of expats in the last few years.

Still, there are some similarities…check them out here

French Secrets and Dreams – The magnificent châteaux of France’s Loire Valley get the lion’s share of attention from tourists and guidebooks. But castle-lovers take note: in the woodsy region of the Puisaye, northern Burgundy, you’ll find three rare gems

These castles are not mere museums where you shuffle from one sumptuously-decorated room to another. Rather, they offer unique features guaranteed to linger in your mind long after you’ve left…discover them here.

Only three hours’ drive from Burgundy, Kristie and Jim Worrel are living their dream in Paris where after five years of restoration, they now run their own B&B in une vieille dame, one very classy, elegant old lady built in 1869.

“The house was in desperate need of renovation, but we’ve definitely breathed new life into her,” says Kristie who describes their adventure here.

Find Your Offshore Banker – In the United States, Big Government advocates want to keep taxpayer cash under control at home – and with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service claiming worldwide powers it’s certainly no longer easy for Americans to open a Swiss or other offshore bank account.

But the list of friendly offshore bankers, even for Americans, is longer than you might think…

And accounts in selected offshore financial centers offer everyone what U.S., U.K, French and German banks no longer can guarantee – much stronger asset protection and greatly increased banking privacy.

But how do you choose an offshore bank and where should you look? ILoffshore expert, Bob Bauman, knows and he reveals all in your issue this month.

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