October 2012

October 2012

October 2012IL MAGAZINE – Yields in Colombia, Life in the Philippines, and the HIRE Act.

Here’s a taste of your latest issue:

8% Yields in Colombia – Fifteen years ago Colombia was an almost failed state. Leftist revolutionaries controlled big tracts of jungle. There were battles with the army and paramilitaries. Drug cartels ran many of the big cities. It was one of the last places on earth you would think of investing in real estate.

These days that’s exactly what IL Real Estate Guru, Ronan McMahon, is doing and in your issue this month he tells you why.

“Life here is easy. The locals are welcoming. Signs are all in English, which is widely spoken. The climate is warm year-round…and you can live on a pension of $500 to $1,000 a month,” says Paul. Read about the Philippines “retirement island.”Life in the Philippines – Unable to afford the early retirement he dreamed about, Paul Whiteway began the search for alternative retirement destinations. He found an island in the Philippines where lots of retirees had already made homes. So he got on a plane and never looked back…

No Insurance, No Problem – Tina and Peter Dreffin dropped their health insurance a long time ago when they sailed around the world. “We found health care costs to be minimal in most foreign countries. Some even had better medical technologies than the U.S.,” writes Tina.

But back in the States, Peter’s hip needed surgery. And when a surgeon in Florida quoted the couple $29,000 they had no choice but to look abroad.

With costs of just $7,200 they found an accredited hospital in India with an advanced procedure unavailable in the U.S. “We found the nurses expertly trained and our room resembled more of a small apartment than a hospital room,” writes Tina.

“India gave Peter a new life and blessed me with a happier husband. And I’ll be going back… ever since my mother’s friend showed up one day with a “fresh look,” she has been pining for cosmetic surgery. A facelift in India costs just $1,250 versus the $10,000 her friend paid in the States… Read Tina and Peter’s full story.

Hire Act Withholdings – Misinformation around the HIRE Act has snowballed. Sloppy reporting and a misunderstanding of the Act means that the mainstream media has repeated common errors instead of going back to the hard facts. It’s caused confusion and worried a lot of good folks unnecessarily.

Is the 30% Federal withholding tax going to affect you?

IL Tax Expert, Matthew Apodaca has a three-word answer for you… “No it won’t.”

And here’s why not…

And that’s not all…In your October issue of International Living you’ll also find:

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Yours Sincerely,

Eoin Bassett
Managing Editor, International Living

P.S. Last night in Las Vegas I spent time with IL Editors Suzan Haskins, Steenie Harvey, Jessica Ramesch and Glynna Prentice. I’ve been talking with IL offshore expert Bob Bauman, too. And a host more speakers are arriving here for our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference, which kicks off tomorrow. If you can’t make it you can still share in every presentation and information-packed workshop because we’re taping it. As soon as the conference is over our tech team will start processing all our recordings and we’ll have it in your hands within just a few short weeks.