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  • How to enjoy a million-dollar retirement – without touching your savings.
  • Where you can enjoy free medical and dental care.
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  • Cut your grocery bills by 30%.
  • Nine countries where you can retire in comfort and style on $1,000 per month, including a nice home, groceries, utilities, country club dues, even entertainment and travel.
  • Where you can find dinner for two at an excellent restaurant for $15, including wine.
  • Where health care is very inexpensive…an eye examination costs less than $10, and you can have a cavity filled for $15 to $25…and in one of the places we have in mind membership in the national health care system is as little as $40 a year.
  • Where you can take a taxi across town for $1.50…get a sandwich and a coke for $2 …and catch a first-run movie for $3.