September 2012

September 2012

IL September 2012 IssueIL MAGAZINE – Ecuador on $44 a Day and a Ticket to Paradise

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Here are a few of my favorite stories this issue:

Convenient Costa Rica – “You won’t find a big-box store on every block like the U.S., but Costa Rica’s Central Valley is pretty darn convenient. It’s one of the reasons expats have long come to this interior region of the country surrounding the capital, San José,” writes Jason Holland.

“In recent years, several towns on the western side of the valley have become magnets for retirees, as well as for young families and couples. They come for the low cost of living, bargain real estate ($150,000 gets you a comfortable home, large yard, and mountain views), top-of-the-line medical care at a fraction of U.S. prices, bustling market towns, and quaint villages. That really describes most of Costa Rica, of course. But in the western Central Valley it’s… a bit different.” Read on.

Next Month…
Seven Reasons to Retire in Asia

In your October issue we set out to explore everything Asia has to offer, from adventures in hill country to low-cost beachfront retirement…we’ve covered a whole lot of ground…


Ecuador on $44 a Day – Connie Pombo and her husband Mark were 55 years old, newly retired, and facing a world of unknowns with a pension of $1,316 a month.

“Either we stayed in the States and worked full-time, or we started thinking outside the box,” writes Connie. “At first we planned on Italy. We’d spent time there as a young couple. But then Mark went on an exploratory journey to Cuenca, Ecuador…

“Every evening, he gave me an update. He described the cobblestone streets, terracotta-roofed brick buildings, colonial churches with pink marble, bougainvillea-draped wrought-iron balconies, outdoor cafés, plazas, boutique hotels, and international restaurants.

“I can’t promise you moonlit walks along the Mediterranean,” he confessed, “but how about some sunsets along the Tomebamba River?” I smiled into the phone: “It’s a deal!”

Cuenca and Italy may be worlds apart, but the similarities are striking…and Connie and Mark are living there on just $44 a day…read on.

Southern France from $100,000 – As a teenager, IL Euro Editor, Steenie Harvey, had a poster of The Cafe Terrace at Night – a painting ofLe Forum café-bar in Arles, by Vincent van Gogh. “I adored that golden terrace, the backdrop of lamplight windows glowing like candles in the darkness, and the star-spangled sky above,” she writes.

So who better to dig out bargains in the South of France?

Steenie followed the Rhone River Valley to places like Arles, home to Roman remains, medieval streets and many places that van Gogh painted. (They include the Alyscamps necropolis, with its sarcophagi-lined paths, and the flowery courtyard of the hospital where he was taken after butchering his ear.)

While Van Gogh rented a house for 15 francs a month Steenie writes that “rents aren’t exactly at 1888 levels but are still fairly affordable. Studios and one-bedroom apartments mostly fall into the $400 to $563 range. And near the Roman amphitheater, a 463-square-foot apartment with a private patio is selling for $113,000.”

And in the town of Orange, with its shady squares and traditional pastel-colored houses you can get on the property ladder for just $62,500….read on.

Your Ticket to Paradise – Steven Johnson is not a qualified teacher, nor does he have a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificate. You could say he became an English teacher by accident…

“Teaching English just fulfilled my need for an immediate income,” he writes. “I’ve enough time and money to travel, too. I’ve just returned from a two-week vacation in Medellín, next weekend I’m flying to Bogotá to see some friends, and next month I want to break for another week or so… I’m thinking long strolls around the old town in Cartagena, followed by lazy lunches and afternoon drinks.

“I’ve also taught in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador…within a few days after arriving by bus in Cuenca, Ecuador, I had enough clients to afford me a nice stay in a guesthouse with ensuite bathroom and a maid to tidy up my lovely colonial room.Â

“And it doesn’t matter if you are 35 or 75. Whether you want to teach in a private school, an academy, or are happy dealing with private classes. If you want to generate an instant income, then all you need to do is follow some simple steps….” Read on.

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