Steenie Harvey

Steenie Harvey has been writing for International Living since the early 90s. The magazine’s “roving Euro Editor”, she travels every month—not just to Europe, but also further afield. In the last year she has investigated real estate in Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, and Greece . When she’s not on the road, Steenie lives in County Roscommon, Ireland. She is the author of Live Well in Ireland, and Adapter Kit – Ireland and Adapter Kit – a Guide to European Vacation Rentals.

In Steenie Harvey’s pages of International Living, you’ll read about Italy, for instance, and the medieval magic of hill towns just a couple of hours from Rome—and within an hour of sandy beaches. Often crowned with castles or watchtowers, most feature cobblestone streets, arched passageways, and heavenly mountain vistas. It’s every bit as wonderful as Tuscany—just minus the tourists. And here $171,000 buys you an historic home, ready to move into. You’re 50 minutes from an airport, less than an hour to the beach. And you can be skiing in 35 minutes.

Or how about your own pied-a-terre in France? Steenie Harvey will fill you in on the places where your dollars still stretch today…from cosmopolitan Paris to rural France…

Steenie Harvey also investigates the opportunities for profit, fun and lifestyle in many other European and Asian destinations, as well as often explaining how to fund your overseas life through travel writing or an import-export business.

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