Success Stories

International Living shows you an easy way to trade up to a richer life…double, even triple your retirement dollars…and do it without a big nest egg.

Thousands of people take advantage of International Living‘s advice every year…and now they’re not just scraping by in retirement. They’re living better than ever…

They’re doubling — even tripling — their retirement dollars. They have the time and funds to travel… to relax… to enjoy life…

Like David and Ann, who are from Charlotte, North Carolina. He had a job in computer systems. She was a secretary. They’d worked hard all their lives and socked away what they could. Still, their savings was modest. And they could see it wouldn’t hold out over the long haul — not comfortably anyway.

So they followed International Living‘s advice. And today they live like the upper crust in a 3,500-square-foot, 3-bedroom home with a patio and pool, facing a lake. They eat out all the time, attend concerts, take regular trips to the beach nearby. They don’t worry any more about outliving their nest egg.

And they’re in good company…

  • Grant, a musician from San Francisco, rescued his retirement the same way. In fact, he retired early, at 56. Today he lives in an historic 200-year-old home that’s been beautifully restored. A housekeeper comes twice a week to clean and to attend to the pool and the garden. He goes to restaurants whenever he feels like it, sees movies, plays tennis and golf. He’s about half an hour from the beach, so he often takes his dogs there to run around while he walks along the coast.
  • Victor, a taxi driver from Florida, used to climb out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, seven days a week to start hustling for fares. He just wanted to relax. But he didn’t think there was much hope of living comfortably on a Social Security check of just $965 a month. But then he rescued his retirement, too. And today he has a lovely two-bedroom apartment within easy walking distance of shops, a bakery, a butcher, lots of restaurants and cafes, even his dentist and his doctor. He has a million-dollar mountain view from his living room. He goes regularly to the theater for classical concerts and to see plays, gets together with friends for potluck dinners, he’s even working on a novel.
  • John and Mindy from Washington, DC didn’t even bother to wait until they were of retirement age to take the plunge. They traded up early, while their kids were still young. Now they can comfortably afford to have Mindy be a “stay-at-home mom.” They live at the beach with a view of the palm trees and the surf right off their deck. The boys have a pool they can splash in. And there’s no stress. The pace of life is sane. Comfortable.

All these folks are living rich today — even though none of them had saved “enough.”

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are…You Can Do It

You can start receiving benefits through this Retirement Rescue Strategy any time. Doesn’t matter if you’re of “retirement age” or not.

Schoolteachers John and Sue Curns retired to Ecuador when they were in their mid-forties. And they haven’t looked back. They’d had enough of the classroom grind and of grading papers. So for a modest $75,000, they bought a house they love, tucked into a lush rural valley along a rushing river. And John reports, they live “quite comfortably on $500 a month.” They’re able to garden… relax… take their days as they come.

When Linda Claire was just 44, she and her husband (and their two school-aged kids) followed International Living‘s advice so they could reap the benefits early. Now instead of a crazy lifestyle where everybody’s going, going, going all the time, they’ve traded up to a much more sane existence.

They’ve got a three-bedroom home with a big yard and magnificent mountain views. The kids are thriving in school. There’s lots of time (and plenty of funds) for family outings and activities.

They can ski, surf, hike, canoe, sail, run, cycle… inexpensively or for free. There’s lots of space and nature all around yet they can be in the center of town in 20 minutes to enjoy the museums, markets, movies, supermarkets, and malls.

And this fabulous lifestyle costs them a small fraction of what you’d expect it to. I mean, when one of them gets sick and they have to go to the doctor, it sets them back just $39.

Lou Harper :cashed in” early, too. He was 49, spending $8,000 a month to live in New York with his wife and kids. Only he was so busy with work, he rarely saw them. So when his company offered him an “early retirement” deal, he jumped at it.

By moving overseas he instantly slashed his cost of living and improved his quality of life. Now, instead of working all the time to make money that was going out as fast as he brought it in, he has money (and time) to spare. And he’s young enough to really enjoy both…

You Can Even
Keep Working if You Want…

Not a guy to sit idle, Lou decided to work some on the side… keep himself busy… do something new. He’d always liked to write, so he sold an article about his experience of living overseas to a magazine… and then another article and another. Today he’s a full-fledged freelance writer. A whole second career he loves (and no putting a suit on or commuting to the office). He controls his time and how much he works, too.

Lou’s story actually illustrates a another great benefit of retiring overseas: You can keep working if you want to.

In fact, because your cost of living is so low, it tends to have an incredibly liberating effect on people.

It “takes the pressure off” of you as an income-earner. All of a sudden your expenses are so low, you don’t have to work 40, 60 hours a week. Maybe you cut back to 15 or 20 (or decide not to work at all). It’s up to you. Either way, your life feels like your own!

Lou now lives in a resort town by the water. He writes a few hours a day. Takes great vacations and a day off whenever he feels like it.

He’s still earning money. But he’s spending WAY less than he used to. So he’s actually GROWING his retirement nest egg… while he’s “retired.” Pretty nice trick, eh? And you can do the same!

You Can Live Better in Retirement. Really.

The big challenge with most retirement plans is making sure you have enough socked away that you don’t have to really lower your standard of living when you retire.

But when you follow International Living‘s advice, your quality of life actually IMPROVES when you retire.

Traditionally, folks often downsize in retirement… sell the family home and go into something smaller. But in the right places overseas, even though you’re paying less to live, you can actually trade up. And you don’t have to worry about how you’ll maintain the place. You can afford a housekeeper, a gardener, a cook if you like…

You live better… for less. Like these folks, for instance…

  • Jim and Polly traded up when they sold their Minnesota place and settled in comfortably at a lakefront house where the sun always shines. Now they have a sailboat anchored next to their dock… and money left over to enjoy life.
  • Sam and Betsy from Cincinnati traded up in favor of a warmer clime, lower cost of living, generous incentives for them as retirees, and reliable, affordable health care. Now they live in a three-bedroom, three-bath (plus maid’s quarters) condo in a new, nine-story building overlooking the ocean. Instead of paying $1 million, they paid less than $250,000 for it.
  • When Steve retired from his job with a freight forwarding company, he traded up to a lovely two-bedroom condo he bought for just $88,000. The taxes are just $300 a year… and he pays $20 a month for blood-pressure medicine that used to cost him $280.
  • Robert, a retired fire fighter, and his wife, Patricia, traded up when they sold their home in Virginia for $325,000 and moved into a lovely three-bedroom house in a friendly lakeside community. It cost them just $236,000… so they were able to pocket the $89,000 difference and, at the same time, slash their cost of living.
  • Pam, a boutique manager, and Mike, a custom-cabinet maker, had a hard time imagining how they’d stretch their meager retirement savings over the long haul. Now they live a block from the ocean in a tidy one-bedroom place they rehabbed to their taste. Pam says, “I have more time for reflection…time to relax and stop keeping up with the Joneses.”

If you ever think to yourself, “How on earth am I going to retire?” then you owe it to yourself to give International Living a try.

If you want to live way better… have more fun… enjoy life more…

If you want to retire this year, even if you’re not of “retirement age” and even if you haven’t saved a dime…

If you want to gain access not only to a better lifestyle, but to more and better opportunities to profit and actually grow your nest egg…

Try International Living today. More than 400,000 people from all around the world already rely on our intelligence. And now you can benefit from the real-world solutions that show you how to turn your dream retirement into your reality… fast.