Taxes, Currencies, and Investments

INTERNATIONAL LIVING will reveal the latest offshore investment and international taxation tips and opportunities, like:

  • How to earn $80,000 overseas tax-free.
  • Learn how tax havens work–and how they can be made to work for you.
  • The world’s up-and-coming tax haven. You’ve probably never even heard of this tiny, far-off paradise.
  • The world’s most user-friendly tax haven. Ensure the privacy of your financial affairs within an hour – and accomplish the entire thing by fax.
  • An easy and fulfilling way to make your next trip a tax write-off.
  • How to avoid double taxation and how to obtain foreign earned income exclusion.
  • Cut your taxes 95%–by living in paradise.
  • Enjoy regular currency forecasts from a world-respected expert. They can help you best plan your travel – and make sure you get the most for every dollar you spend in a foreign country.
  • Learn how to avoid ‘official’ exchange rates and take advantage of more favorable rates on the open market.
  • Why Switzerland is not the only–and perhaps no longer the best–place for anonymous offshore banking.