Every day we receive dozens of thank you messages from readers who are benefitting from our research.

Here are some of their notes…

My husband and I are long-time subscribers and look forward eagerly to each issue and read it cover-to-cover when it comes.

Lisa McMahon

I love to travel and have been side-tracked for the past ten years raising twin girls, but once they are grown, I plan to start travel writing and exploring again. In the meantime, IL keeps my dream alive and allows me to look forward to the day I will search for my retirement piece of heaven as well. Thanks and Congratulations IL!

Juli Miezejeski

I just received the scoop on how to live in Italy’s hidden pockets near Tuscany; this news left me thrilled! It is my dream to have a little hideaway in Italy and with IL I know I will make it! Love my subscription to your fab magazine!

Denise Renee Johnson

After two years of research , I just bought two lots in Panama on the Pacific for a unheard of price of $ 55,000 for 3,100 sq meters each lot. Thank You International Living.  It was your magazine that my wife slipped into my reading pile that drew my attention. I purchased four different Panama books from you along with watching your YouTube Videos.

Marty Hotes

I was a military brat without a ‘real’ home having lived in Japan for 10 years. I came back to the states for college and settled down in the Seattle area. But now, after 40 years, I’ve got to urge to move back out of the USA and experience life in other countries. The one page article in the June issue of the International Living Magazine (Slip into Life Overseas Part-Time by Kent Zimmerman) was great! The “6-week/3-month/6-month discovery year” is a good plan. I could see myself repeating that over many times because there’s so many places that I’d really like to see and experience the cultures. I’ve been a Lifetime Member to IL for many years and always enjoy the emails and newsletters.

Ron Montgomery

I am only 43…”young” and International Living has opened my eyes on some of my options to consider of where I would like to retire…thank you.

Evelyn Walter

I can’t tell you how excited I’ve become reading your magazines; they feel like they were written just for me. I keep asking myself, “Can this be true”? I am so excited to retire and begin the next chapter of my life; I keep going from IL magazine to Atlas and back to the magazine again. My friends think I’m nuts, but I don’t care. I’ll be living the simple life of a “gentleman farmer” growing mangos and orchids some where! I can’t wait to get started!

Jim Roberts