Why Retire Overseas

Here at International Living, we focus on the solutions…on the opportunities that allow you to escape high income taxes…break away from expanding government regulations…protect your personal liberties and privacy…and secure the retirement and lifestyle you value.

Those opportunities DO exist in the right places overseas today.


In the Right Destinations Overseas, You Can…


  • Benefit from part-time or full-time residency and not only reduce your tax burden… but enjoy day-to-day life in a beautiful place where you can live on the beach, in the mountains, in a vineyard, in a small town, or in a cosmopolitan city… and do it on the cheap…
  • Gain dual citizenship and the flexibility, privacy, and freedom built into it…
  • Diversify, protect, and grow your portfolio— not just choosing among the limited basket of choices most Americans know about— but by investing across assets, borders, currencies…
  • Improve your quality of life (in retirement or earlier)… so you could have a maid do the chores, treat yourself to restaurant meals every day, travel… yet spend much less than you do now…

Many International Living readers are already taking full advantage of the benefits of living overseas:


Enjoying Liberty Abroad


“I enjoy an unbelievable sense of liberty, which comes from living in a country that’s not so dependent on rules and regulations. You won’t believe the lack of signs telling you what you can and cannot do.

“And I sure don’t miss the constant threat of lawsuits, or lack of personal injury lawyers. The entire society is spared that stress and considerable expense.

“When you’re in a country that is neither an aggressor nor a target of aggression, you enjoy a freedom that no longer exists in the U.S.”

– L.H., enjoying his freedom overseas.


More Choices Overseas


“Your new life will be one of more freedom, choice, and adventure.”

– Kent Z., living overseas


Living Better— for Less– Overseas


“If I’d stayed in the States, I wouldn’t have been able to maintain this lifestyle with my current income.”

– Ray Jackson, living well for less overseas


Finding Possibility— and Protection— Overseas


“I need to be able to make my savings stretch as far as possible. To take the dollars I have earned and protect them from inflation, currency devaluation and rising gas prices. This is where your magazine and other publications have given me a new perspective.”

– Kenneth May


Like Florida in the ‘40s


“What we like most about our move… is that we can now have a lifestyle like Florida in the 1940’s, but at a price we can afford.”

–Chuck and Jamie Bilbe, enjoying the freedom of good-value living overseas


The Good Life…


“I grew up in small towns in southern Ohio in the 50s. It was a simple life for kids then—riding bicycles, playing ball, wandering the neighborhood with your friends, looking for pop bottles to get the deposit back. My first exposure to [this haven overseas] instantly brought back those memories.

– Don Skiver