Live Better... for Less... in a Tropical Paradise... Today!

Over 36 years ago, a little newsletter sparked a big idea...

You can live better, for less, overseas.

When International Living suggested in that first newsletter that an exotic life in a tropical paradise wasn't just for the rich and famous...that you can do it now for less money than you currently live was a radical idea.

In many ways, it still is.

Not because it's difficult (it isn't), or requires lots of money (it doesn't), or hasn't been done before (it has, thousands of times).

The idea of living a happier, more fulfilling, more prosperous life offshore still strikes many people as a radical idea simply because they don't have the whole story.

Like most folks, they rely on the mainstream media to tell them what the world is like. Open the pages of USA Today or turn on CNN and you get the standard fare... death, destruction, mayhem. Bad news is good news for the giant media conglomerates. If it bleeds, it leads.

With input like that, it's a wonder anyone goes outdoors, much less overseas!

At International Living, we take a different approach.

We know from experience that there are a host of places around the world that are cheaper...healthier...safer...freer... than you ever thought possible.

Our job is to help you discover those places, and then to help you take advantage of the opportunities they offer—opportunities to improve your quality of lower your cost of invest for profitable return—before the rest of the world catches on.

In our pages (both print and virtual), you'll find out about everything from adventures in Panama to the best buys on the Paris property market...from how to open a bank account in your new country of residence to how to get the best deal on your next airfare...from the world's best beachfront property bargains to the most reliable local contractors to help you build your new beach home...from island-hopping adventures in the Mediterranean to the best summer fiestas in Mexico.

We're continually on the move in search of Paradise, and after three decades, we've built quite a support network. International Living has more than 200 contributors, correspondents, friends, and colleagues exploring the world on your behalf. Thanks to the Internet, we're able to keep in touch with all of them regularly, even daily.

Among us, we have the world pretty well covered.

International Living magazine is one of our best resources if you're really serious about moving overseas. In each issue we detail in-depth information on moving or retiring overseas, making money, saving money and learning all the ins and outs on buying property abroad. You’ll also hear from expats who have already made the move.

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